It’s a huge financial transaction

Selling a home is no game. It is a large financial transaction and therefore should be treated as such. Any realtor who believes real estate is a game, isn’t an agent worth hiring as to them it is just that - a game - because they’re not playing with their money – they are playing with yours!

Unless you are among the 1% of the wealthiest people in the world, selling a home is a major financial decision that can either leave you with elongated feelings of richness or leaving you feeling house poor. Ken Carmichael understands that selling a home is no laughing matter and certainly is not to be treated like a friendly game of Texas Hold’em! Hiring the right real estate representative to help you sell your home could be the difference between selling for $350,000 and $450,000. How would $100,000 help you buy your next home?

Full Time Sales Professionals VS Rooky and Seasonal Agents

Would you hire a financial advisor to be in charge of your investments who only works 3 months out of the year? One who is off working in other industries, or laying on the beach somewhere warm? Would you really leave your hard earned money up to a part time financial advisor? One would hope not. When the market is hot and considered a “Sellers Market” you’ll see hundreds of seasonal agents come out of the wood works and numerous of other professionals from other industries jump into the real estate business because of the lucrative sales commission. Be sure to do your homework on these agents, make sure you’re not just given a high listing price on fancy glossy paper just so that they can land the contract of selling your home. Full time sales professionals know that most of these seasonal agents are just around to make a quick and easy buck when the market is hot. Though once the tough gets going, these agents can pressure you to lower your price or to accept a low ball offer, just so that they can close the deal and move on to their next big profitable commission.

Know How to Spot a Top Producing Agent

You may have heard the old saying that 10% of sales people do 90% of the sales? Well that is particularly true in real estate! Just think, 90% of realtors out there are left sharing only 10% of the market – surely there are agents living hand to mouth and desperate for a sale.

Top Producing agents are the exact opposite. If a seller is patient and believes that the right buyer with the right dollars is out there, than a top producing agents job is to hunt them down and lure them in. Remember, realtors are called sales agents for a reason. They’re here to sell and top producing agents do just that!

Ken recommends that every seller interview at least 3 agents before hiring one to help sell their home. For sellers in today’s real estate market exposure is everything and that doesn’t just mean sticking your listing on MLS and waiting on a hope and a prayer. Market exposure means getting your property in front of as many buyers as possible including real estate websites, social media mediums, newspapers, magazines and other print media and any other (valuable) marketing avenue.

Top producing agents have a proven marketing strategy and usually a unique strategy based on the sellers goals. Ken has worked with many sellers with different goals and unique situations. With over 30 successful years in the business, you can be sure that Ken has a proven marketing strategy that will work wonders for you!

Why Hire Ken Carmichael to Sell Your Ottawa Home or Condo?

Did you know that the internet accounts for 85% of consumers starting their home search? With over 6,000+ homes on the market in Ottawa how will your home stand out? Ask Ken and he will show you how he will market your home for sale. Ken’s marketing strategies stands out from other Listing Real Estate Agents. Let him prove it!

Selling your home is about obtaining fair market value on a timely basis, consistent with your objectives, and existing market conditions. Ken's job, as a professional realtor, is to offer you expert advice and to guide you through the selling process so that you make the best decisions for you!

In today’s fast paced technology age, it is important for anyone who is considering buying or selling, as an owner-occupier or investor, to find a realtor they can trust, who moves quickly, understands the real estate market and takes the time to understand their needs. Ken is committed to achieving his clients’ goals and aspirations while ensuring he keeps his clients’ informed at all stages of the buying and selling process. With Ken’s 30 years of real estate experience in the Ottawa area, you can rely on his techniques, wisdom and the numerous industry-leading marketing tools he uses to buy and sell homes quickly and effectively.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Ken Carmichael
to Sell Your Ottawa Home:

  1. No salesperson has sold more resale condo apartments in Centretown plus Central Core Ottawa, than Ken Carmichael.
  2. No salesperson has listed for sale more resale condo apartments in Centretown plus Central Core Ottawa, than Ken Carmichael.
  3. No salesperson has listed and sold more resale condo apartments in Centretown plus Central Core Ottawa, than Ken Carmichael (i.e. I sell many of my own listings).
  4. No salesperson has been more instrumental in obtaining top sale prices for resale condo apartments in Centretown plus Central Core Ottawa, in many condo buildings, than Ken Carmichael.
  5. Ken Carmichael understands the dynamics, the layouts, the resident composition and the issues of most condo buildings, allowing him to confidently answer Buyers’ questions and help Buyers move forward confidently.
  6. Because of his top knowledge of the attributes of competitive condo apartment properties around Ottawa, salespeople know they cannot give Ken Carmichael a “snow job” about why a specific property is over-priced and how their Buyer can get better value at another condo building.
  7. Ken Carmichael has intimate knowledge and experience with condo apartment rental management and tenant matters, helping explain why he has been so successful in selling so many apartments in Centretown, to investors, often on a “double-end” basis.
  8. Ken Carmichael knows well and deals often with Condo Board Management and staff, helping facilitate a smooth sale.
  9. Ken Carmichael is a “price leader” and a “world-class” negotiator, working hard and intelligently to get the top price and best conditions for your property. He is a patient “Seller”, if his Seller is patient, and understands the high cost to a Seller, of trying to put a “square peg” in a “round hole”.

Hire Ken Carmichael to Sell Your Ottawa Home

Contact Ken for information on how he can help you successfully sell your home. By completing the form below, you will provide Ken with some of the information that is required to provide you with a fair market evaluation of your home. With this invaluable information, you will be able to see how your property compares with similar properties in your area that have recently sold and are currently listed for sale. In order to give you an accurate assessment, Ken may contact you by phone to discuss your property in detail.

Don’t Delay! Ken might be showing a buyer around right now who is looking for your property type! Don’t miss out!

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Ken’s Featured Listings

  • #1 in Sales in Ottawa
    (2009,2006,2003: RE/MAX Individuals)
  • RE/MAX Chairman's Club
  • RE/MAX Platinum Club
  • RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award (2004)
  • RE/MAX Top 1% in Canada (2002)
  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame (1998)
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Ken has SOLD over 300 condo apartment units, in the Ottawa Centre core alone, in the past 5 years!
Ken has a strong economic background and strong market evaluation skills, from his years as an economist with the Federal Government and from his years as a research and market/marketing analyst with Canadian Pacific.
Ken has been serving clients in the Ottawa region for over 30 years, offering expert advice, personal service, and customer satisfaction!

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